How to launch cleen and directly clean an album using Launch Center Pro?

Cleen recently introduced an exciting new feature to support launch the app and start clean any specific albums via URL_scheme (a fancy tech term allowing integration between apps)

OK, but what does that mean?
Now you can have a one click user experience to immediate rate the recent photos without the tedious step of finding the Cleen app and look for your albums,

You can do this via app Launch center pro by create an "shortcut" or "bookmark" to a specific album using a link cleen://[album_name],
here album_name can be a partial word of your full album name, the search will stop at the first album whose name has partial match to what you added here (not case sensitive), use "-" to replace space.

Assume you want to directly enter "Camera Roll", you can use the link cleen://camera.
Tip: if you enabled iCloud photo library in iOS 8, "Camera roll" is replaced by "All photos", so use this instead cleen://all-photos

Special thanks to Patrick Welker that brings up this wonder idea!