Register your iOS device on TestFlight

Welcome to the Tapsbook beta program!

Because Apple doesn't like beta products :) we have to use TestFlight to distribute our private beta build. Before you can download a build, you must accept our email invite and connect your device to TestFlight. Relax, it should take less than 1 min to do so.

  1. Click Accept button from the TestFlight invite email

  2. If you already have a TestFlight account, use your existing account info, otherwise create a new one.


  1. Very important, you need to connect your ipad device to TestFlight if TestFlight show the following


  1. Click Install button


Now you are done. Because it is a very manual process to add your device ID to our build, it takes up to 24 hours before your can download anything, we will notify you as soon as the build is available.

Thanks again for joining us. Please feel free ask question here if you need help.