Quick Start Guide

Once you have installed and opened the app, the home screen will appear.

1. Link your source(s) and select your photostream(s):

  • ​On the home screen, tap on the menu icon on the bottom left corner, select "Photo Sources". Select the data source of your photos – many of the online sources will ask you for permission to “link” to tapsBook if this is your first time doing so.

  • Tap one or more folders/albums from the list to follow the folder/albums (selections are highlighted in blue and denoted with a check mark).

  • Repeat the above for all photostreams you want to "follow" from the different sources. Tap "Done" when finished.

2. Personalize your photo stories:

That was it - the hardest part is done. Tapsbook will consolidate all your photos and do the hard work of sorting and organize them into beautiful photo story books (Smart books). It is time to relax and enjoy your beautiful stories. Tapsbook is unique in that these books are “living” books; they will automatically update whenever new photos are added to the followed photostreams you selected so you are always viewing the latest & greatest photos!

How your photo stories are organized:

Your stories are organized and presented in three distinct views: "Timeline" (organized by month), "Source album" (source folder) and "My story" (your own selection).

  • ​Stories in the "Timeline" and "Source album" views are automatically generated from the same set of photos, just organized differently - you will find them in the "Smart book" section; stories in "My story", on the other hand, showcase your handpicked photos, and are located in the "Story book" section.

  • Tap the button at top right of home screen to switch between the views at any time.

How to customize your stories: Tapsbook automatically selects the layout and builds the books, but you can customize almost everything.

  • To edit a page: Tap on a photo story book to open it. Tap the "Edit" button on the lower right. You can change the background, layout, add text to the page, or add photo to the page. You can also zoom/crop/reposition/rotate the photo by using the gestures outlined here. Tap on a photo then the magic wand on the bottom left corner of the photo to launch the in-app photo editor (remember to tap "Done" when finished); you can also edit the photo directly by tapping on a photo in view mode then the "..." icon and selecting "Edit photo". Tap "Save" when you have done all your edits.

  • To set a photo as the cover photo: Tap on a photo story book to open it. Tap a photo, then the "..." icon and select "Set as book cover".

How to add photos to yearbooks: Now building a yearbook is easier than ever...create and view it as the year progresses to relive the best moments.

  • Open a photo story book. Tap on the blue grid at the lower left on a page then swipe the photo up to add to "best of year" book.

How to create your custom story:

  • To create your own story from scratch, tap on a photo and hold until a left menu slides in.

  • Drag the photo to a new story book or an existing custom story book you had previously created.

​3. Share your photo stories with your family/friends/social networks

To share a page: Tap on a photo story book to open it. Tap the “Forward” icon on the bottom menu. You can share the page to Facebook, Twitter, or email.

To share a book: One of tapsBook's major uniqueness is its ability to share an entire story book. This means that the recipients of the books view exactly what you see and how you see it, and not an inferior version with no interactions (ie.pdfs). In addition, the shared books will also auto-update whenever you make changes to your books so you don't need to send another link.

  • Go to the home screen and tap on the "Forward" icon above any book to share publicly on Facebook/Twitter or privately via email. An easier way to share is now available: you can now share conveniently from the last page of any book.